September 2, 2009

Butl-R-Bot Conquers the Kitchen


Tim Leeding's entry into Electrolux's Design Lab Competition was good enough to make it to the finals. His Butl-R-Bot does everything you have to with arms, fan arrays for movement, cameras and sensors. The result is that it can fly around and "cook meals, order and collect food, manipulate all tasks a human can around the kitchen and interact with all available kitchen utensils and appliances."

Leeding foresees his creation as coming true in 90 years. We want one now.

Via Yanko

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August 31, 2009

Faceless Mannequins Strut Their Stuff


Japan's Flower Robotics has come up with mannequins that do a lot more than talking like the ones in Old Navy commercials. The full size Palette uses motion-capture technology to show off its fashion in a variety of poses when it suspects a human is near. Its "intelligent system" allows it to remember which poses the buyer liked best and so can duplicate them again. Both the full torso Palette and the smaller UT (upper torso) are available to rent starting at a cost of about $4,200.00.

Via Flower Robotics

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August 26, 2009

Wanda the Whale Cleans Your Pool


Wanda the Whale does more than keep your kids amused in the pool. She has a SmartDrive programmed steering system and acts as a main drain by pulling water from the bottom as she moves along. Installation takes less than 10 minutes without tools and no additional booster pump is needed. Hayward promises that Wanda's turbine/gearing system makes for a quieter operation. Additional filters are also available.

Via Wanda the Whale Pool Cleaner

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August 24, 2009

Bum Bot and Rufus Terril Run for Office


We have heard about Rufus Terril and his Bum Bot, a somewhat glorified meat smoker designed to protect his bar and the surrounding neighborhood by its evil presence and water cannon. It turns out that Rufus is running for mayor in Atlanta and will appoint his robot Chief of Staff if he wins. Comments about puppets in politics, anyone?

Via Gadget Lab

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August 10, 2009

FuA-Men Restaurant Serves and Entertains

The FuA-Men (Fully Automated raMen) Restaurant in Nagoya, Japan has a chef and assistant that not only create 80 bowls of ramen a day, but entertain in a manzi stand-up comedy play during the customers dining experience. They also spin dishes and perform mock duels. The shop sells a regular noodle bowl with a pork broth-based soup for about $7.00 which is made in about a minute and forty seconds. Although it has yet to make a profit, diners note that they cannot tell the difference.

Via Technovelgy

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August 6, 2009

An9-PR, at a Mall Near You


Sohgo Security Services in Japan has a new bot. An9-PR has a 19" touch panel LCD monitor, 2 12" LCD monitors in the back and an electric bulletin board on top. He can provide both shop info and coupons to cell phones that have FeliCaHe and, with his camera, has face recognition and will approach perhaps unwilling shoppers. (It's kind of like when you don't want the team's mascot to notice you.) At least he has a sponge-like chassis so if he runs into you, it will be minimal anguish.

The service/security robot will be placed in shopping centers and other public places as a guide and can run for an hour at about 1km/h before automatically returning to his charger. An9-PR doesn't come cheaply and will cost ¥10,436,000 (~$109,587.00), with an additional ¥3.9 million for five years of maintenance costs.

Via Tech-On

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August 3, 2009

Welfare Robots Donated for Rehab


Last June, KAIST's System Research Center gave some of their Human-friendly Welfare Robots to the National Rehab clinic. "Joy" is part of an automated bedroom that includes voice activated appliances. The clinic's director said at the donation ceremony that the gift will help the rehabilitation of its patients.

Via Plastic Pals

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Team of Robots Fight Chemical Fires

QinetiQ has developed a team of firefighting robots and recently gave a demonstration in London of the 4 putting out fires from industrial gas acetylene cylinders. Talon, who has done duty in Iraq, runs on tracks, can climb stairs and takes images with video and thermal cameras in tight spaces. Bison has grippers and cutting tools for accessing sites and directs a small jet of water on a cylinder. His camers let his users know if there is steam coming out, which indicates a danger. Black Max, a remote controlled 4 wheeled vehicle, puts out the fire with a hose while the industrial Brokk can pick up and move the cylinders with its claw. Qinetiq is hoping that the team can also be used for chemical spills or biological contamination.


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July 30, 2009

Archie Serves and Scares


The Vienna University of Tech, working with the U of Manitoba, created the humanoid Archie, designed to cook, clean and play games. At a price of €15,000 (~$21,000,) they are hoping to unleash him on the mass public eventually, but we suggest they work a bit on his head, unless the purpose is to also scare them.

Via daylife

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July 24, 2009

Flossie Tests Castrol Products

In an effort to promote their motorcycle engine oils, Castrol has a robotic mascot that tests bikes and scooters. Flossie is self-learning and can react to changes in gear patterns, clutches and throttles. The bot never gripes about the weather, being tired or particularly loud engine noises during its trials, leading the company to believe it has the perfect employee.

Via Castrol Moto

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