Expliner Hits the High Wire


Tokyo company HiBot, working with Japan's Kansai Electric Power Co., has developed and is testing Expliner, a robot that can move on and inspect power lines. The bot can provide feedback while avoiding spacers and suspender clamps. It is powered by two SH2Tiny, one SH2 Controller, six boards TitechDriver ver.1 and one Mini2Axis. The company is hoping to release them on the public by next year.

Via HiBot

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November 24, 2009

Monica, the Multi-tasking Robot


Taiwan has created a robot that can be used as a receptionist, tour guide, doctor's aide and security guide. The 39.4", 132 lb. Monica films visitors then either recognizes them and lets them in or calls for a real security guard. Her sensory functions can alert doctors to patients who have fallen down and can't get up, and she can also be called upon to give directions. Monica is available to those who can afford the $12,500.00 price. Although we could not find an image of Monica, we pictured her looking a lot like the above image.

Via Reuters

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November 17, 2009

R-O-B Heads to the Big Apple


Last week, R-O-B, a bricklaying robot from Swiss architects Gramazio & Kohler of Zurich's ETH Faculty of Architecture, came to New York City. It will be constructing a wall with more than 7,000 bricks in an infinity loop. Head over to Pike Street if you would like to view the ambitious project which will be on display until January 2010.

Via Ponoko

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November 12, 2009

Toyota Robot Designed for the Infirm


Toyota's latest solution in robotics is the Delivery Robot, geared towards the elderly and disabled. The one-armed bot responds with speech recognition, laser range finder and stereo cameras to perform some of the more banal tasks like opening a door, taking out trash or cleaning up. Just don't ask it to open that child-proof pill bottle.

Via Ubergizmo

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November 6, 2009

AIDA Talks You Through Traffic


MIT, in conjunction with their SENSEable City Lab and Volkswagen Group of America's Electronics Research Lab, has decided to make GPS user-friendly with the The Affective Intelligent Driving Agent, a head with an articulated neck that mounts on the dashboard. AIDA can smile, look sad, wink, and learns your routes to help you on your way. It also records data concerning events and traffic and will help you route around the obstacles. AIDA will even tell you that you need gas.

We are all for making our commutes easier, but we hope this idea will not be so distracting that when observing the travelbot it blurts out, "Hey, watch out for that tree!"

Via cnet

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October 30, 2009

ii-1 Robot is Campus Guide

Kobe's Konan University Faculty of Intelligence and Informatics has devised a guide robot that communicates with natural language. Relying on a database from the campus website, the ii-1 can not only answer 'yes' and 'no' questions, it can reply to those that ask 'why' and 'who' using Julius open source speech synthesis software. The autonomous bot can move around and avoid obstacles. Professor Hirotaka Nakayama and team plan to give it facial expression recognition to make it look more human friendly.

Via Robonable (translated)

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October 29, 2009

FlatThru Serves Sans Arms


Sanyo's new delivery bot stands 94.7cm tall and weighs 33kg. Running on wheels and stabilized with sensors, FlatThrucan manage not to spill that brew or bag of Cheetos you requested. It has cameras for image recognition and can be controlled via voice or remote control. What can't it do? Hand you said refreshments, duh.

Via Plastic Pals

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October 21, 2009

Snackbot Serves Carnegie Melon


Mmmm. Donuts. When Snackbot isn't busy performing his usual applications, he will be serving the faculty and students at Carnegie Mellon. Snackbot has been originally designed to support research in the fields of design and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI.) He can autonomously move through a crowd, detect individuals, and recognize those he has met before.

Via Snackbot

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October 14, 2009

FlexPicker Sanitarily Stacks

ABB Robotics showed off their FlexPicker robot at a HoneyTop food location recently. No humans means fewer germs as the super-sanitary bot locates pancakes with Ethernet cameras, while software allows them to recognize and grab said breakfast, then stack them for packing. The FlexPicker can stack up to 400 cakes per minute and can be reconfigured for other products.

Via Make

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October 13, 2009

Fire Spy Robot Heads First to Blaze


Developed by Hoya, the small Fire Spy Robot can run roll into a blazing building before firefighters to find out what is going on in temperatures of up to 500ยบ C for as long as an hour. A second robot will also be used for larger fires. Both will be deployed to fire stations located in Daegu, Korea for test runs through November. While they are in there spying, perhaps they can teach them to say, spray a bit of water at the same time.

Via Fareast Gizmos

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