March 17, 2010

Haibo Hangs at EXPO 2010


Haibao started out as a plastic mascot for the EXPO 2010 Shanghai China and has now become a functioning robot. There are 37 of them used for assisting visitors with information about the event and local transportation, and can even take photos. Best of all, the 1.55 meter tall bluish Haibaos speak 6 different languages. They will not only help out at the Expo, which takes place May 1 through Oct. 31, they will also hang out at Shanghai's two airports.

Via EXPO 2010

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March 15, 2010

Kiva Gets to Work


The Gap has employed a Kiva Robot System in one of its fulfillment centers in Columbus, Ohio. Chris Black, V.P. of operations at Gap Inc. Direct, says that using the system frees employees' time and therefore let them sell, sell, sell during the holiday season instead of wasting their time fetching.

We also came across the news that Crate & Barrel is using the system at their Calif. Distribution Complex for picking, packing and shipping. It won't be long before Kiva is everywhere...

Via Kiva Systems

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March 12, 2010

Smile and Say "Robotic Cheese"


Ohio State University developed an autonomous paparazzi bot that may take your picture if you smile nicely. It stands at about the same height as a human and if your expression pleases him, Ken Rinaldo's creation will stop, aim, snap that camera and upload your image to a social networking site. The bots recently were invited to the 2010 Olympics, where they undoubtedly had to compete with other paparazzi to get close to Shaun White.


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March 10, 2010

Robot Deals With Plastic Garbage


Mitsubishi and Osaka University researchers teamed to make a garbagebot with robotic arm that has laser sensing technology to distinguish and separate 6 different types of plastic. The 5' 6" x 6' 9" robot is currently undergoing tests before being unleashed on the public. Smaller versions are planned a a price of £37,000 (~$56,000) each.

Via Osaka University

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March 5, 2010

So. Korea to Employ English Teaching Bots


South Korea has invested $45 million in robotic teaching assistants because of a shortage of real ones. The plan is to place 500 in preschools by 2011 and 8,000 of them by 2013. Meant to teach English, the bots are for those students who want to study abroad and be competitive with other English speaking countries. In the future, they may also assist in other tasks such as teaching toddlers to walk.

Via Korea Times

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March 4, 2010

Romotec Provides Caterpillar Telehandler to LAPD


Romotec, maker of robots for police departments, delivered a Caterpillar TL1255 Telehandler, a stronger, heavier and more versatile bot to the LAPD last week. the company claims "With the delivery of the robotic Telehandler, we've reached an important milestone for Remotec and our customers: We can now offer them an additional class of unmanned ground vehicles designed to meet new and emerging threats head on."

Whew. We feel much better knowing that a better bot is protecting us and that, between chores, can hoe a few rows of veggies.


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February 25, 2010

TUBO Service Bot Hails from Korea


TUBO (Tungmyong University roBOt) may become a Korean's best friend in the future. The researchers have given him stereo cameras for face recognition, SLAM, language comprehension (but only in Korean) and reading capability. The service bot moves on 2 wheels and runs by 2 manipulators.

Via Plastic Pals

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February 19, 2010

Second Gen ApriAttenda More Flexible

Toshiba recently released a second version of their ApriAttenda. The newest bot has two arms with 3-fingered hands that can hold simple objects and a head cam for navigation and recognition. While the original was designed to follow its user around, this one is designed to take a more active role. The company is also testing the iArm, a super-waldo designed to assist in grabbing, eating and other "handy" duties.

Via Plastic Pals

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Illinois Police Bot Discovers Gunman


Never send in a deputy when a robot can do the job. A gunman entered a Macomb, Illinois Farm King and supposedly demanded guns and ammunition. Although Jonathan J. Labbe fired several shots during a standoff with the Sheriff's Dept. that lasted six hours, none of the 6 people inside the store were injured and no hostages were taken. The gunman was found dead in the housewares section by the police's remote controlled tactical robot.


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February 18, 2010

PFU Kiosk Becomes More User Friendly


Fujitsu's subsidiary PFU Limited has created a more personal kiosk. The screen features a eerie-looking face created by Big Towns, a company that specializes in computer graphics. The lower touchscreen interface contains Omron software that can determine a person's approximate age and gender and can better suggest products that fit the data. Look for the Robokiosk at a shopping center or carnival in Japan in the future.

Via robo-fan (translated)

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