July 5, 2010

ROV Fish Detailed on NBC

We have finally found the definitive video from NBC's Kerry Sanders on just how BP's ROVs (nicknamed "Fish") coordinate and operate from the Ocean Intervention 3. Although many of the operators are ex-military with drone experience, we find it a comfort that many are twenty-somethings that grew up playing video games and are adept at operating the bots' joysticks.


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July 2, 2010

Nesbot Serves Six Blends of Coffee

Bluebotics' Nesbot is an autonomous coffee machine that features an ANT navigation system to find its prey customer and offer it a choice of 6 blends. The coffeebot is part of a project commissioned by Nestle Nespresso to seek out future coffee machine applications.

Via Bluebotics

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July 1, 2010

Robotic Lizard Wriggles Through Sand

The Georgia Institute of Technology designed a robot to rescue humans during disasters. Based on a sandfish lizard, the bot tucks its limbs into its sides then wriggles to go forward. The team built the 35cm sandbot with seven aluminium segments linked with 6 motors and covered in spandex. Adding more segments could make it faster and give it smoother movements.

Via New Scientist

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June 28, 2010

Robotic Lifeguard EMILY Hits the Beach

EMILY (EMergency Integrated Lifesaving lanYard) has taken to Zuma Beach in Malibu, CA and will hit 25 to other beaches by December. The sonar-equipped, remote controlled robotic lifeguard detects underwater movements of swimmers that may be in distress and zip over there at about 28 mph. She also has a camera and speaker so a human can add comfort from the boat or shore. Hydronalix, Emily's creator, plans to make them autonomous next spring and will sell them for $3,500.00 apiece.

(Thanks, Mike)

Via Hydronalix

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June 24, 2010

Emiew 2 Sees Improvements

Hitachi has been working on improvements on Emiew (Excellent Mobility and Interactive Existence as Workmate.) The humanoid robot can now distinguish voices while cancelling out his own inner buzzes and whirrs and can keep his balance when going over obstacles left on the floor. At a height of 32" and a weight of 30 lbs., he can do his thing on either 2 or 4 wheels. Plans for Emiew 2 include surveillance and as a visitor guide.

Via Hitachi

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Robotinho Guides German Students

Would I be the only one thinking that the University of Bonn's Robotinho looks and sounds a bit pervy? Maybe it's a good thing that he is speaking German and we can't translate. Placed atop 4 Roombas 530s, a Robotis Dynamixel RX-64 servo is used for steering. The bot guides a group of kids around the Deutches Museum and introduces them to Steffy, Dynamaid and several of the other exhibits. Some of the kids seem a bit skeptical and seem to have as short an attention span as they would if the guidebot was human.

Via Hizook

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June 23, 2010

TOPIO Dio Makes Serving Debut


The Vietnamese robotics firm TOSY introduced TOPIO Dio at Germany's Automatica 2010. Standing 4 ft. tall and weighing about 99 lbs., he has 28ยบ of freedom. Running wireless on three wheels and avoiding obstacles with a sensor, he sees with an onboard camera. While Dio is meant to serve (food and drinks,) the company also unveiled TOPIO 3, a bot that plays table tennis.

Via Look At Vietnam

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BP Removes Cap After ROV Bumps Into Vent


BP has removed the Deepwater Horizon's containment cap in the Gulf after one of the robotic subs hit a vent. They hope to reinstall it later today after checking to see if ice crystals have formed on the cap. Apparently, when the ROV bumped into the vent, gas came up through the vent that is supposed to carry warm water down through it. Oops.

Via BP

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June 22, 2010

Bots Do Gruntwork at Scotland Hospital


When the Forth Valley Royal Hospital opens in Scotland in August, robots built by JBT corporation will be in charge of the grunt work, like delivering meals and dispensing meds. The ward bots will hang under the $444 million hospital, use service elevators when needed and follow a system of laser beams. With pre-programmed routes, staff members will control them with PDAs. The hope is that levels of infection will decrease by their usage.


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June 17, 2010

Robots Clean Up at Narita Airport


If you should happen to travel to Tokyo, you may come across Narita Airport's cleaning robots. It is rumored that Narita-kun and Epo-chan do a bang-up job and are more fun to watch than your basic Roombas.

Via Shibuya 246

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