May 24, 2012

Go-Go Dog Pal For Lazy Owners

When a Frisbee or real gopher just won't do, get a Go-Go Dog Pal. This remote control toy lets your dog chase it around the yard until it gets exhausted or so frustrated that it chomps it into pieces. The maker insists that it will keep your pooch active and healthier as it frantically tries to keep up. The Solana Beach, CA based company will send you one for $299.99.

Viia Go-Go Dog Pal

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May 23, 2012

GIA Reflects Human Interaction

Not since the first time we saw the crystal ball image at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland have we seen an image that creeped us out fascinated us this much. Daniel Jay Bertner created this Gestural Interactive Automaton, a projection sphere with a webcam that captures and displays the user's face. It also has three servo-controlled articulating arms. The purpose of the G.I.A. sculpture is to demonstrate the interactions with humans and nons-.

Via Dan Bertner

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May 22, 2012

One-Armed Robotic Juggler

A team at Japan's Chiba University has built a robot arm that can juggle 2 balls. Because it has no shoulder it can only do about 5 repetitions at a time but anyone who has learned the skill will know that the balls have to be watched in the air like this bot does. Then calculations are made with each cycle. The purpose of their experiment is to display "skillful and dynamic human-like motion."

Via ieee Spectrum

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May 21, 2012

Russia 2045 Final Robotic Takeover?

You may not understand the language but it is clear that the team of Russia-2045 is working on an Android torso that can capture the essence of a human. Only in the working stage for now, perhaps it will become a reality by its target 2045 date. The group is also working on a bionic arm that appears to be really natural in its movements. Note that the words "robot" and "android" are the same in both Russian and English.

This second video (in English) shows that the researchers are busily into Nano Bio Info Cogno Genetics Technology and they sure do a mean promotional glimpse of the future. Their civilization paradigm sees humans morphing into the next generation of avatars and cybernetic immortality, aka neo humanity. Yeah, okay.

Via Russia-2045

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May 18, 2012

Must Have: How To Fight Robotic Takeover

Best selling author Daniel H. Wilson is a robotics expert, so who better to let us know how humans can defend themselves against a robotic takeover? The eye-catching video is by Epipheo and the author of Robopocalypse: A Novel adds his expertise on the subject. It is certainly never too soon to plan ahead and keep an eye out for those glowing red eyes.

Via Daniel H. Wilson

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May 17, 2012

First Autonomous Vehicle Goes to Google

Somehow is seems only fitting that a techno-rich company receive the first self-driving car in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company says that it has already completed over 200,000 hours of computer led-driving with its Prius. In the video, Santa Clara Valley Blind Center head Steve Mahan takes it through its paces.

The license plate itself is red, features AU (for autonomous) and the infinity symbol. The cars are still in the testing stage, however we expect that as other car companies get involved it won't be long before the streets are filled with automated road rage.

Via Nevada DMV

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May 16, 2012

COCOROBO Responds to Voices

Sharp has finally jumped on the robotic vacuum cleaner bandwagon with its state of the art COCOROBO RX-V100 and RX-V80. Available in June at prices of $1,600 and $1,100 respectively, both models feature ION technology as well as their artificially intelligent Cocoro engine. Good on both hard floor and carpet, the device can connect to a WiFi network and software will become available for remote instructions. Best of all, the RX-V100 is voice controlled. Run, COCO, run.

Via Robot Buying Guide

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May 15, 2012

Japanese Scientists Manipulate Shiri

Tokyo's University of Electro-Communications built Shiri, which literally means buttocks in Japanese. It difficult not to make wise cracks here so we will let them explain it:

"Shiri" is a buttocks humanoid robot that expresses various emotions with organic movement of the artificial muscles.

Example emotions such as "Tension", "Twitch" and "Protrusion" in attempt to express emotions on buttocks were added to SHIRI.

This project has two main points, one is the innovative use of robotics technology and its purpose. And second is to raise the argument as to what perceptions will be manifested in the minds of people who communicate with SHIRI.

Hmm. If you can make it through all 3 minutes and 51 seconds of the video, then you are surely one of those that agrees with New Zealand researchers Ian Yeoman and Michelle Mars that robot hookers will arrive by 2050.

Via Blame it on the Voices

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May 14, 2012

Lomas Finishes London Marathon With ReWalk

The amazing Claire Lomas finished the London Marathon in 16 days with the aid of a bionic suit made by ReWalk. The $69,000 FDA-approved motorized skeleton helped her by correcting shifts in her balance.

In 2007, Lomas broke her neck, back and ribs and punctured a lung after being thrown from a horse. She will receive a special cup for her participation because she didn't qualify for a medal since she didn't finish the walk in one day.

The courageous marathoner has already raised about £80,000 (~$128,000) for Spinal Research, an organization that funds research and treatments for back and neck paralysis. Although she says she is just glad to have earned the money, a campaign is already underway to see that she is properly awarded for her performance and several other runners donated their medals to her.

Via Telegraph

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May 9, 2012

The Smartest Machine on Earth

We happily brag about the exploits of Watson, IBM's super computer, when he won on Jeopardy and was loaned to the University of Maryland to attend Med School. Now we found a Nova Episode called "The Smartest Machine on Earth" recently run on PBS. Featured prominently is Watson, with a behind-the-scenes look at how the 'puter became a champ. Hit the link to see the entire episode. Pay special attention to the scenes that show comedian Todd Crain prepping Watson for the big event and actually harassing him.


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