This Bot Runs on Brainwaves

Vladimir Konishov, the President of the Neurobotics company, and his team in Zelonograd have devised a bot that is controlled by thoughts by reading electrical charges from the users brain. They say that is only takes a few sessions to master the headset are hoping that eventually it can used to play
video games
, and control wheelchairs, and cars.

Via Russia Today

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June 9, 2008

Robot Drummer - Perfect for Robot Bands

BotJunkie featured this robot on Friday, and this resulted in me watching this video Saturday, and Sunday am with the kids over and over and over. It's just pure robot drumming genius. My daughter proceeded to take the advice of the folks over at BotJunkie, and made up various lyrics to the drumming as we watched.

Via BotJunkie

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June 6, 2008

Security Robot Dog - Creepy Walking Robot

This security robot dog isn't that scary, or looking all that secure either. It does however have one of the creepiest walks we've ever seen. Developed in Japan, there's a set of three videos but the one we've picked really does show the creepy walk.

Via Gizmodo and full viewing at Gizmodo Japan

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June 3, 2008

Robodog Reacts to Kindness - Don't Beat Your Robot Dog

Created by five interaction design master students, this robodog responds to positive / negative scenarios going on around it. The creature will drop its head, whimper and collapse down if faced with "carbon monoxide, cigarette smoke, alcohol, too much dark lighting, hitting and yelling." He'll then perk right up, when you get him out of the situation. I think anyone can learn about the environment and how to treat an animal with this robodog.

Via Engadget

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May 23, 2008

Swashbot - The Sashaying Robot Insect


Swashbot is a bit creepy and cute all at the same time. Swashbot is a radio contolled robot or an R/C robot. There's no onboard magic here, but there is a person behind the amazing moves that Swashbot can do. What we like is the lack of a full set of legs, and the face is really unique. Swashbot is meant to almost be more of a crab robot than straight up insect robot. Check out the Swashbot cat encounter below to see some cool Swashbot moves.

Via Engadget at Site

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May 20, 2008

Hamster Controlled iRobot Mayhem

iRobot unveiled its latest robot at the CES show in Las Vegas - the iRobot Create. It's a programmable robot, so you can make it do pretty much whatever you want. There's an attachment you can add that's perfect for you to set a hamster in a spinning wheel on top, thus driving the iRobot anywhere the hamster wants to go.

At Quail mortals! It's the hamster-controlled robot!

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May 19, 2008

ASIMO Robot Directs the Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Oh Asimo, you're such a busy robot. Not only can you walk, dance, and climb stairs but you can also direct entire symphony orchestras. Awesome. Asimo is really quite a robot, and this video showcases how far robots will go in the next few years. Perhaps we can get Asimo to replace Keith Lockhart here in Boston - perhaps the most annoying conductor of all time. Our fingers and crossed - ASIMO SAVE US!

Via Gear Live

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May 14, 2008

Sherlockbot - The Investigative Robot of the Future

Sherlockbot is a short by Waverly films - a group of Brooklyn short film creators posting weekly clips to their site. Sherlock bot is a short film gem. In the distant future a lonely boy creates a robot to help him find the thief who broke into his piggy bank. Hilarity and mayhem ensues...

Via Robot Living

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