August 10, 2009

FuA-Men Restaurant Serves and Entertains

The FuA-Men (Fully Automated raMen) Restaurant in Nagoya, Japan has a chef and assistant that not only create 80 bowls of ramen a day, but entertain in a manzi stand-up comedy play during the customers dining experience. They also spin dishes and perform mock duels. The shop sells a regular noodle bowl with a pork broth-based soup for about $7.00 which is made in about a minute and forty seconds. Although it has yet to make a profit, diners note that they cannot tell the difference.

Via Technovelgy

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August 7, 2009

Drunken Robots Party On

Since he figured he was too old and big to get away with it, Steve Hoefer decided to make Drunken Robots that could do it for him. Each is 3/4' tall and made of a pager motor, a watch battery and some tin. Check out his plans on Instructables if you would like your own drunken robot party.

Via Steve Hoefer

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August 5, 2009

Kondo + iPhone = Robochan

When you have all the basics of your iPhone down, why not turn it into a robot? After creating an app, "ogutti's" Robochan is a combination of a Kondo KHR-2HV humanoid and an iPhone 3GS head. He can be programmed to dance or to make other moves. While we find his demeanor enchanting, we are not sure about the leek-spinning dance music used in the demo.

Via Pink Tentacle

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August 4, 2009

Moon Publicity Strives to Plaster Moon With Ads

This idea is wrong in so many ways. Moon Publicity wants to utilize robots to create ridges in lunar dust on the moon and then use Shadow Shaping technology to form logos, domain names or other advertising. Claiming to have a patent on this technology, the company has gone as far as selecting areas for prospective buyers to choose from. Their spiel reeks of strange, anti-environmental greed, don't you think?

"Creating images on the Moon provides a commercial incentive for turbo charging space travel technology. Shadows are only the beginning. These advancements will eventually place robots on other worlds building space stations and planting crops."

Via Moon Publicity

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August 3, 2009

Team of Robots Fight Chemical Fires

QinetiQ has developed a team of firefighting robots and recently gave a demonstration in London of the 4 putting out fires from industrial gas acetylene cylinders. Talon, who has done duty in Iraq, runs on tracks, can climb stairs and takes images with video and thermal cameras in tight spaces. Bison has grippers and cutting tools for accessing sites and directs a small jet of water on a cylinder. His camers let his users know if there is steam coming out, which indicates a danger. Black Max, a remote controlled 4 wheeled vehicle, puts out the fire with a hose while the industrial Brokk can pick up and move the cylinders with its claw. Qinetiq is hoping that the team can also be used for chemical spills or biological contamination.


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July 28, 2009

Actroid DER-2 to Replace Billy Mays?

Kokoro's Actroid DER-2 has made her debut in a TV commercial for Kincho's Preshower UV insect repellent/sunscreen spray. Entitled "The Woman Who Doesn't Rust," we figure there is a valid point there.

Via Pink Tentacle

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July 24, 2009

Flossie Tests Castrol Products

In an effort to promote their motorcycle engine oils, Castrol has a robotic mascot that tests bikes and scooters. Flossie is self-learning and can react to changes in gear patterns, clutches and throttles. The bot never gripes about the weather, being tired or particularly loud engine noises during its trials, leading the company to believe it has the perfect employee.

Via Castrol Moto

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July 23, 2009

Send RoboMail to Protect and Amuse

Gagatree has 3 mailable robots to send to someone who shares your passion and presumably likes to build with paper. Available in Red Guard, Art Skin and Fabric Dolly, they also have larger versions available for holding CDs. Look for some of them now on the site with others to follow this month.

Via Gagatree

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July 21, 2009

BERTIs Sing to UK Museum

Recently 3 BERTI robots made another appearance at the London Science Museum. Since the museum is now 100 years old, the bots sang happy birthday in its honor. Perhaps they could hire them out as singing telegrams.


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July 20, 2009

Make Robot Animation with Xtranormal

If you can type, you can make movies. That's the idea behind Pop over there and make yourself a robot video then put it on YouTube or other sites and share. Sign up is free, but if you are seriously into it, you can get an upgrade with more actors, voices, action and higher quality. Prices are $4.99 month, $39.99 year, and a commercial account is a one-time $239.99.

(Many thanks to Conner over at Botropolis for the discovery!)

Via Xtranormal

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