September 24, 2009

Dragons Vs. Robots Online Game

Dragons Vs. Robots is an online game designed for kids 9 - 14. While its main focus is the two factions in a brawl, somehow it manages to include an energy crisis. After signing up and designing your avatar (dragon or robot,) the games begin.

Below is the storyline. Note that the word "energy" is used three times, so it must be important.

"Spanning over 200 years and three generations of future history, the Dragons Vs. Robots narrative involves a devastating energy crisis that leads to the rise of powerful robots and the reawakening of ancient dragons. The source of their conflict is Protium, a rare energy resource that serves as a life force for both dragons and robots. Humans, who also need this precious substance to resolve the energy crisis, must choose their allegiance -- and so the battle lines are drawn."

Uh-huh. A manga is also available on the beta site for those who would rather watch than play.

Via PR Web

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September 22, 2009

Robotic Jumper Gets Drafted

Boston Dynamics, father of the BigDog, has been awarded a contract to create the Sandia National Laboratories' prototype Precision Urban Hopper for DARPA. The 4-wheel robot navigates autonomously and has a single leg, allowing it to jump over 25' fences. Imagine their surprise when the enemy, in its compound behind walls, gets startled by the PUH. The project should be completed by late 2010 and the Pentagon says it would like a third of all forces to be robotic by 2015.

Via New Scientist

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September 21, 2009

Thingamaplush Cuddly Bot

Jeff-o decided to make a plush robot for his 2 year old daughter using a Bleep Labs' Thingamakit and Thingamagoop synthesizer noise maker. His instructions show you how you can do likewise in 11 steps. Pretty cute, but we are not sure that Thingamaplush would be the safest toy for a toddler.

Via Instructables

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September 18, 2009

Must Have: Tomy Micropets

They're here! Tomy's line of Micro Pets has finally arrived. The mini-robots sing, dance, walk, play ball and interact with each other and you. They come with batteries, are pre-programmed and are available as Kuda, Ralphy, Dux and Coco.

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Phone Meets Robot?

KDDI AU's iida has teamed with Flower Robotics to create Polaris, a sort of combination cell phone and robot that can be your personal secretary. It remembers details of your life and learns about your tastes and habits. For example, the device will monitor your physical condition and diet and offers recipes for staying healthy. It suggests sites with medical, business and entertainment information. While still at the design stage, Polaris is said to "await the chance to be brought to life."

Via iida Polaris

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September 17, 2009

Make Your Kondo a Slave

"rodman LT" decided to build a master slave upper body suit with three joints and many potentiometers, armbands and tethers to control his Kondo KHR-1HV. He claims that with a bit more inspiration he may continue on to the lower body as well.

Via Robot Savvy

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September 16, 2009

Surrogates - Scads of Robots

Here's the thing. We have never been Bruce Willis fans, even when he began shaving his head and strove to be Mr. Macho. However, watching the trailer from Surrogates leads us to believe we can suffer through him for a couple of hours. Set to come out September 25, there are enough robots in this movie worth a viewing.

Via Surrogates

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September 14, 2009

Swarmanoid Project, Socializing Robots

If you are familiar with the Swarmanoid project, then you are already aware of the effort to make robots that can act in human-made environments. Eye-bots sense and analyze the environment by flying or being attached to the ceiling. Hand-bots climb walls or objects. Now Foot-bots have been added to the mix, moving in all terrains and transporting objects. If one of the bots is disabled, another can be added without overly effecting the swarm. The leader of the pack, of course, would be Human-bot.

Via Swarmanoid Project

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September 10, 2009

Solo, the Sewer Inspector

RedZone Robotics has come up with a bot that will go down in those nasty sewers and inspect them or seek out abandoned crocodiles. With an easy to use interface, the autonomous Solo hits the murky depths in pipes from 8 to 12" and takes a 360ยบ video that can be downloaded on a PC, unless it gets chomped on first. The inspector robot will launch at the WEFTEC in Orlando later this year.

Via Solo Splash

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September 8, 2009

iBOTZ Teach How and Why

Elenco's iBOTZ kits teach kids aged 8 and older not only how to put them together but how they work. No soldering is needed and they only take about an hour to build. Choose between Soundtracker at $31.95, Antoid with a price of $59.95, Hydrazoid with an MSRP of $43.95 and the deluxe Tribotz at $65.95.

Via Trossen

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