December 1, 2009

Freedom Leg Replaces Crutches

Forward Mobility is seeking to make crutches obsolete. The Washington based company started out making bikes in the 90s and has moved on to medical mobility products such as a seated scooter and collapsible wheelchair. Their latest device is the Freedom Leg that allows the user to do what he/she has to while the weight is transferred to the upper leg.

Via Freedom Leg

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November 26, 2009

GeckoSystem Tests CareBots

GeckoSystems has begun in-home evaluation trials for their CareBot. They will be monitoring and reporting on the social interaction between the service bot and its care receiver. We are not sure who gets the first batch for testing, but hey Gecko, we could certainly use one around here if you have a spare.

Via Gecko Systems

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November 16, 2009

Strike With 900 Bowling Ball

When those around you are scoring bigtime and you keep throwing out those gutter balls, whip out your 900 Global Bowling Ball and show 'em who is the man. The remote controlled ball has an internal weight on a threaded shaft inside it and it was designed for kidlets and those with physical limitations. Pulling this one off will cost you $1,500.00.

Via Popular Mechanics

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November 10, 2009

Bad Robot, Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Ruairi Robinson, producer of "The Silent City", "Breakfast on Pluto" and other filmstuff, has come up with a new one. The Academy Award nominated director is currently in post-production on "Bad Robot," after being filmed in LA. Aside from this quick peek and the fact that it is billed as comedic sci-fi, not much else is known. We did happen to catch a glimpse of an accompanying poster that seems to label it a cross between Chucky and Sonny from "i,Robot."


Via Quiet Earth

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November 5, 2009

Ibn Sina to Unite Physical and Virtual World

Named after a Persian physician and philosopher from 1000 years ago, Ibn Sina is the first Arabic speaking humanoid bot. He is being developed at the IRML (Interactive Robots and Media Lab) of the United Arab Emirates University. His vocal engine, dubbed Nizar, was built by the French company Acapela.

The center claims that its ultimate mission is "to achieve harmonious and mutually beneficial co-existence (symbiosis) between the natural (humans), the artificial (robots), and the virtual (virtual agents), and to support seamless integration between the physical and virtual worlds."


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November 4, 2009

VAIL and Stanford Devise Autonomous Parking

The new Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Laboratory (VAIL) has teamed with Stanford to create an autonomous parking system. It consists of front radar, a camera mounted on the rear view mirror and two LIDAR units on the sides. Tell your car to park itself and it obeys your orders and when you want to leave, ask it to return. The plan here is to work on a two button system but unfortunately for us all, the car can't yet detect obstacles such as trees, lamp posts and real valets.

Via Singularity Hub

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November 3, 2009

Nemo Gould's "Going Nowhere Fast"

We have long been fans of Nemo Gould's robotic art and are now reminded why we hold the sculptor in such esteem. One of his latest pieces of work is entitled "Going Nowhere Fast." We just had to share.

Via Plastic Pals

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Robo Garage Gives Birth to ROPID

ROPID is the Robo Garage's latest creation, with design by Tomotaka Takahashi. The humanoid bot has gyros in its legs and chest and servos with belts that help the little guy stand up, walk, jump and jog. Made of carbon and plastic, he stands 38cm high, weighs 1600g, has 30ยบ of freedom and, as of all of RG's bots, is almost too cute.

Via Robot Garage

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November 2, 2009

Robotic Patient Used To Train H1N1 Workers

As is often the case in Japan, if you want people to take notice, you develop a robot for the cause. In this instance, a life-size humanoid was built for training health care workers how to respond to the H1N1. On display at the Security and Safety Trade Expo (RISCON) in Tokyo, the robotic patient sweats, cries, moans, goes into convulsions and, if the workers don't perform correctly in time, stops breathing. We wonder how many times he had to 'die' before they got it right.

Via Pink Tentacle

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October 30, 2009

ii-1 Robot is Campus Guide

Kobe's Konan University Faculty of Intelligence and Informatics has devised a guide robot that communicates with natural language. Relying on a database from the campus website, the ii-1 can not only answer 'yes' and 'no' questions, it can reply to those that ask 'why' and 'who' using Julius open source speech synthesis software. The autonomous bot can move around and avoid obstacles. Professor Hirotaka Nakayama and team plan to give it facial expression recognition to make it look more human friendly.

Via Robonable (translated)

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