Chicago Gets Robotic Dinosaur Exhibit

KumoTek Robotics has launched an interactive robotics exhibit at Chicago's Field Museum. It features several dinosaurs built by Japan's Kokoro that respond to each visitor in a different way. The star of the show is RoboSUE, a Tyrannosaurus rex that has cameras, sensors and artificial intelligence, and is bound to scare the little ones. The show is scheduled to run through September 6.

Via Field Museum

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June 8, 2010

Multi-Leg Robots Steal the Show

Sometimes you have to take a few minutes and appreciate that there are those out there that dig robotics so much that they will spend most of their waking hours building an entrant into the multi-legged robot competition for a ROBO-One event. This video is wa-a-y too much fun for humans.

Via Robots Dreams

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June 7, 2010

Tube Robot Practices on Pig

Boston University researchers have developed a concentric tube robot that can twist around inside a pig (for now) and still perform heart surgery. A series of telescoping curved tubes extend and twist away from the previous ones, allowing them to move through an artery. During the test surgery, the robot managed to plug holes in the pig's heart.

Via New Scientist

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June 3, 2010

Stephen Colbert Wary of Jazz Robots

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If you are a fan of Stephen Colbert, then you probably already saw his report that claims jazz robots are a threat to Americans. If not, here it is for the rest of you. Shimon is the product of Guy Hoffman and Georgia Tech, who designed it to be able to improvise.

Via Guy Hoffman

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June 2, 2010

iRobot Warrior Robot Demonstration

iRobot demonstrated its latest military bot, the Warrior, this week. Soldiers direct the robot into a questionable field. After arrival, the Warrior throws an APOBS (Mk7 Anti-personnel Obstacle Breaching System) across the air. Once the grenades hit the ground they explode, supposedly taking out any hidden IEDs or land mines and clearing the way for the military. Good news for those who support arming robots and iRobot's coffer, not so good for any human/animal caught in the crossfire.

Via spectrum ieee

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May 27, 2010

Robotic Swallowtail Takes Flight

Swallowtail butterflies have larger wings than average ones and researchers Hiroto Tanaka and Isao Shimoyama have been studying them. The end result is this ornithopter that can flap its wings and fly without the aerodynamic forces used by other butterflies. While it may be a while before the technology is utilized in future aircraft, there is something quite amazing in watching this bugbot take flight.

Via io9

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May 26, 2010

Navirobo Leads the Way

Pioneer and iXs Research teamed to create Navirobo, the epitome of "awww." Place it on your car's dashboard and it will wave its wings in the direction that the GPS tells you (and him) to go. When it nears the exact intersection, his eyes start blinking and the arm waving becomes manic. We admit its cute for a $100 one-trick pony robot, but we think it fits in the same category of texting while driving, way too distracting.

Via Botropolis

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May 20, 2010

ATV to Clean Up ISS, then Commit Seppuku

The European Space Agency's Automated Transfer Vehicle 2 is on its way to So. America. Set to be launched later this year, it will bring up cargo to the ISS without the need of a human. The first ATV, named Jules Verne, successfully flew in 2008, filled itself with waste and burned up intentionally on re-entry. ATV-2 has been dubbed Johannes Kepler and will suffer the same fate after its mission is complete.

Via Space

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May 18, 2010

Hire the DXR 310 for Your Next Demolition Party

The Husqvarna DXR 310 weighs 2 tons and loves to destroy. The compact demolition bot runs via user friendly remote control and is suited for both indoors and outdoors work. The company claims that it can climb stairs and operate on uneven surfaces. Put a jackhammer or claw in its hand and let the mayhem begin.

Via Husqvarna

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May 17, 2010

Junior Learns to Parallel Park

Stanford's VW Passat named Junior has learned to parallel park even better than the average autonomous car. It accelerates in reverse at about 25 mph, hits its brakes, turns its wheel, goes into a 180ยบ skid then comes to a halt. Junior was put through his paces at the recent ICRA.

Via IEEE Spectrum

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