September 22, 2009

Samsung Unveils Furot II Vacuum


Samsung spreads its proverbial wings to try to compete with all products on the planet. Their latest is the Furot II, designed to keep up with the Roomba, but in a smarter way. It has a camera to avoid obstacles and to be aware of its location so that it doesn't repeat itself if the floor is still clean. It also has a memory so after 90 minutes, it goes off the clock for a recharge. No release date or price has been set.

Via Samsung Hub

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September 3, 2009

Hull Bug Cleans Ships


The US Office of Naval Research is developing a hull grooming robot named Hull Bug (Robotic Hull Bio-inspired Underwater Grooming.) Similar to a Roomba in its concept, it utilizes a biofilm detector and flourometer technology that knows the difference between clean and unclean surfaces. It then rids any ship longer than 45 feet of barnacles, oysters, algae and other marine life. They are hoping that the Hull will cut down the money spent on maintenance and extra fuel cost as organisms slow down the speed of the ship.

Via Physorg

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July 13, 2009

RobotShop - Lots of Bots


RobotShop is a resourceful site for almost everything robotic. They feature personal and professional bots, kits and development platforms, toys, vacuums, security and surveillance devices and parts for all of the above. The company provides international service and shipping as well as extensive customer service. And btw, we really dig their mascot.

Via RobotShop

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June 16, 2009

iRobot One-Day Hot Deal


iRobot is having a special sale today only. Purchase a Roomba Scheduler for $279.00 (marked down from $329.00) and you get a free accessory kit (worth $100.00) and free 2nd day shipping. You also get a 30-day trial, but we think if we can get someone thing else to vacuum, it's our new best friend. The company also has other goodies for Father's Day, June 21.

Via iRobot

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June 1, 2009

iRobot Applies for Patent


iRobot applied for a patent in November of 2008 that, if they decided to actually make it, would give their Roomba a new look. The company says in its application, "The robot has a rectangular front form factor that facilitates cleaning along wall edges or in corners." Whether or not it comes to fruition remains to be seen. Maybe they should reverse the design, the way real street-cleaning vehicles are constructed.

Via Robot Stock News

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May 19, 2009

Get to Know Your Fukitorimushi

Fukitorimushi ("wipe-up bug") takes the Roomba to an entirely new level. The autonomous cleaner moves like an inchworm and drags its nonocloth belly around until it finds a dirty spot. Then it emits a red light and uses an extra effort to clean it. What makes this service bot special, at least in its creator's eyes, it that one grows fond of it after a while and that having to change the cover occasionally makes it more of a pet.

Via Pink Tentacle

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March 23, 2009

i-Toad Disguises Roomba


Why have just an ordinary Roomba when you can make yourself an iToad? The cover consists of felted wool with glass eyes attached and its elbows are sensors. The description claims, " Works independently, requiring no supervision or instructions." There is not much to say about the creation after you see the video of the horned toad except that somebody has way too much time on his/her hands.

Via i-Toad

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November 26, 2008

Let it Snow With Roofus


Because iRobot has yet to create a winterized Roomba, perhaps a viable alternative is to adopt Roofus. The bot can collect and dump snirt (dirty snow) both autonomously and by remote. Designed by Michal Glogowski, the prototype can also be used with attachments to mow your lawn and clean your house. Roofus has 2 electric motors, caterpillar tracks and sensors on each side for navigation.

Via Yanko

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November 24, 2008

Cat Takes a Ride on Roomba

This video pretty much speaks for itself. It looks like this cat likes Roomba as much as Radar likes Elmo.

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November 14, 2008

Must Have Robot: iRobot Wall-E Roomba


It's a double Must Have Robot Friday. "Wall-E" is coming to home video Nov. 18. Pre-order the Blu-ray Three-Disc Special Edition for $22.99 now to get one for the holidays for family fun. You also get a download. There is a widescreen single DVD available for $16.99.


If you are an extreme fan of the movie bot, iRobot has teamed with Disney/Pixar to create a limited Wall-E themed 530 Roomba. Due to come out the 20th, 400 special editions are similar to others of the series. It will clean three rooms with help of wall transmitters and knows to return to its dock for a recharge. Contact iRobot if you can cough up the $860.00 deluxe price.

Via electronista

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