UC Davis Scientists Teach Bots to Follow


UC Davis researchers have been working on robots picking up cues to follow one another. While humans unconsciously move their heads a fraction of a second before turning, Sanjay Joshi and his team have developed a control system that takes those cues into account. Although the bots shown here are not the ones used by UCD, we looked at them and thought, "Aha, this is the first step in robots taking over the planet." Our thanks to Spaceboyjordo, etsy and his robotic pals.

Via UC Davis

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September 1, 2008

Remember Mr. Machine?

Those of you who can date yourself and remember B/W television in the 60's will surely recall Mr. Machine. We caught the ancient commercial a couple of nights ago on a local bad movie program and forgot how kewl we thought the wind-up Ideal toy was at the time. Robotics have come a long way since then! Oddly enough, we checked around and you can still purchase Mr. Machine, although the $89.98 price seems somewhat inflated. But then again, Poof Slinky re-manufactured him with the intention of targeting nostalgic adults as a collectible.

Via Mr. Machine

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August 28, 2008

Talking Robotic Jesus Kicks Butt

Well, now. This robotic Jesus created by "jacques couscous" moves, does Kung-Fu and, in his own juvenile tones admits, "I can kick some serious butt" and "Are ya feeling lucky? Well, are ya?" Learn how to make your own and his companion/foe Bald Baby Buddha Buddy on instructables. While this project involves using a box cutter, a successful mash-up should protect you from your dashboard, no matter who is out there.

Via instructables

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August 15, 2008

Must Have Robot: Elmo Live

Elmo Live is finally available for pre-order and as such qualifies as our Must Have Robot of the week. At a size of 5.5 x 11 x 15" and a weight of 2.2 lbs., he bobs his head, waves his arms, stands, sits, and crosses his legs. He can be activated by tickling (of course) or a squeeze on his tummy, foot, nose or back. He sings, tells jokes and stories, and plays games. This is a must have that we predict will be the hottest toy this holiday season. He comes with a MSRP of $65.99 and will arrive October 14.

Via Elmo Live

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August 14, 2008

Segatoys' Cheeping Baby Chick


Segatoys has released this robotic Baby Chick as part of their Dream series. It chirps, cheeps, and flaps its wings when petted. Ignore it and the bird will complain. At a size of 8 x 6 cm, it comes with 3 watch batteries and its own nest for $35.99. At least it will not drown in its drinking dish the way a real chick of ours did many years ago (*sniff.)

Via Audio Cubes

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August 13, 2008

Cam-10 Takes One Small Step at a Time for Robotkind


For those who like to see their bots' innards, the Cam-10 Mico Robot stands only 4" and uses one N battery (included.) Also available in black, turn it on and watch it umm, er, walk. At a mini-price of $14.00, get a pair and perhaps you can begin your own robotic dynasty.

Via ThinkGeek

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August 12, 2008

Yume Hamusutaa Dream Hamster


Segatoys has announced their latest robotic pet, Yume Hamusutaa (Dream Hamster.) Designed for females between the ages of 20 and 40, take your pick of a Golden, a Roborovski, and a Winter White Russian Dwarf hamster. Each is 3.5" and is available only in Japan so far for $11.00.

Via CrunchGear

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August 11, 2008

Ultimate Wall-E to be Released


You can now pre-order the Ultimate Wall-E from Disney. This bot can chat, dance, play music from your MP3 player, and follow you around. The robot has 4 audio sensors for 360ยบ sound detection, 4 motion sensors, and obstacle sensors. Of course his eyes light up and blink, and his hands can grip. With the infrared remote, you can create up to 1,000 action combinations. The Ultimate Wall-E comes with the ultimate price of $259.95 and should become available within the next 10 weeks.

Via Disney Shopping

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August 8, 2008

Must Have Robot: Pleo


It's becoming an Amazon World. We found Pleo there and, in its honor, have made him our Must Have Robot of the Week. There is no time like the present to adopt one of the little critters as he is becoming much less expensive to own, not to mention to feed. And then there is that nasty housebreaking you can forgo.

Via Pleo

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August 7, 2008

Robot Runs on Pencils


We admit that we don't use pencils much these days, as the keyboard is our writing instrument of choice, but this 4" walking and working bot is pretty kewl. Insert a pencil (it prefers hexagonal) and as the implement is sharpened, it gets powered up. Empty his head when full. The robotic device comes with its own wind-up key and will set you back $5.99 (pencils not included.)


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