November 11, 2008

ROBO-P Flies in Colors

Combine a UFO, helicopter and lightshow and you get the ROBO-P. Suitable for indoor use, it comes in blue, pink or orange. With built-in batteries, it will fly for 6 minutes on a 25 minute charge from its included station. At a size of 3.5 x 3.2cm, it has a range of 16.5" and also comes with a controller and face stickers. Unfortunately, the manual is in Japanese, but hey, you don't need it, do you? The ROBO-P comes at a price of $43.00.

Via Japan Trend Shop

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November 10, 2008

Aero Spider Defies Gravity

One of our favorite sites, Akihabara News, recently reviewed Takara-Tomy's Aero Spider. The diminutive R/C car runs on the floor, walls, windows, and the ceiling. The principal of the technology is an internal vacuum system that helps it adhere to the surfaces. While we may not understand it fully, we can see it works. The Aero is available in red, black, blue or grey at Geek Stuff 4 U for $48.00.

Via Akihabara News

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November 6, 2008

50th Anniversary Strenco Robot ST-1


Serious collectors would love the 50th Anniversary German ST-1 Strenco Robot this Xmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa. Standing 7 1/2", he is a gold-painted sheet metal robot with clockwork drive and comes with his own embossed box with a numbered letter of authenticity. This limited edition of 2000 bot is available for $79.99.

Via Robot Island

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November 5, 2008

Mr. Personality has MPD


This robot seems to have multiple personality disorder. His head has a color LCD that will display different modes, such as comedian and fortune teller. Others are available by download. Wowee's Mr. Personality can converse with you, has 64MB of memory and an SD card to download a few more. He also has an omni-directional base with seven motors which allows him to move in and around obstacles, 4 IR sensors, and comes with a remote. Mr. P needs 6 C batteries (not included) to be his charming self and is available at a $240.13 price.

Via Mr. Personality

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Flower Rock Gets Redesign

If you were one of those that bought Takara Tomy's Flower Rock, one of the first robotic gadgets that moved to music, then you will be pleased that they are celebrating their 20th anniversary with the new 2.0 speaker. Connect your MP3 player to either the soft or sharp petal version and be just as amused/annoyed as you were back in 1988. The musical device is available for $89.99. The video demo may be in Japanese, but you will get the gist of it, nonetheless.

ViaAudio Cubes

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November 4, 2008

RCRC Is Three Bots In One

Transformers aren't just for kids anymore. AOK's 13 x 9 x 15" Remote Controlled Robot Car may start out upright, but can also turn into both a sports car and truck. Controlled by two joystick commands, it can go left or right and dance when standing. After changing shape, it can go forwards, backwards and turn. Use the AC adapter for 4 hours to get 30 minutes on its rechargeable batteries. The RCRC's remote also needs one 9V battery (not included,) has a 100' range and comes at an $89.95 price.

Via Hammacher Schlemmer

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Tyco R/C N.S.E.C.T. - "Sic em!"


What better way to get back at your friends, co-workers or pesky cat than with the Tyco R/C N.S.E.C.T. At a size of 10 x 15 x 17" and a weight of 8.5 lbs., it has laser-like eyes that will change depending on its mode. Make it creep across the floor on some unsuspecting victim while its claws reach out to grab, then turn it into a single or rapid fire missile blaster. The two shooting modes will carry as far as 25+ feet. The best part of the creature is that he is now marked down for the holidays, from $99.99 to $37.89, which makes it a whopping 62% savings.

Via N.S.E.C.T.

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November 1, 2008

Robot Snob 2008 Holiday Gift Guide


Robotics can get to be quite expensive, as those of us at Robot Snob know. But with the economy being the way it is, we have scanned the Net to find the best bots for fewer bucks. We have included categories by the budget as well as kids' stuff, those for adults, and some for DIY fans. Happy shopping with our First Annual Gift Guide!

Under $50.00

Grandport has several kits for those who are just getting started in robotics. With brightly colored pieces and plastic pieces that snap together, choose from Tarmo, Sumobot, and TouchMe. Solarbotic's Herbie the Mouse needs some soldering, but will keep anyone amused by his battery-powered antics. Discovery's Kids Electronic Gadget Lab can make over 100 projects with 30 snap pieces.

Under $25.00

There are many robots that may do a little less, but can amuse adults and children alike for under $25.00. Most of them have been out for awhile, and as we all know, the longer an electronic is out, the more outdated it is, and the price drops. But kids and those who are not yet robotically inclined will love one of these.

The WowWee Robotics Roboquad is one of these. Originally about $90.00, you can now get one for $23.97. WowWee also has other bots for little funds, such as their Mini Robosapien V2, the Mini Robopanda and the blue R/C FlyTech Dragonfly. We have shown you this one before, but the Discovery Build Your Own Robot Kit is a great kit for amateurs.

Under $10.00

There are plenty of windup stocking stuffers and miniature bots for those on a super-budget. Our selections include Schylling's Classic Windup Robot, the Galactic Robot Windup, SparkDino, Boogie Bots, the Mazinger Z Wind-up Tin Toy and the Mini Robot Tin.

Over $100.00

If money is no object, at the top of the list has to be our fave Sesame Street character, Elmo Live. Although they will be in short supply, we think it is worth the effort to find one, although you may end up paying more than the current list price of around $60.00. We also suggest a Pleo, who becomes more affordable all the time, and have new applications every time we turn around.

For pets, althought the Litter Robot LRII Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box seems a tad expensive, think what a great gift this would be for yourself! And we cannot leave out our favorite module Lego Mindstorms NXT, the do-it-yourself kit that is so popular that it has its own site.

Robot Vacuums

Of course, iRobot has the perfect gifts for those who hate household chores. Now there are several Roombas available. The original Roomba cleans both carpet and bare floors and starts at a mini-price of $129.99. The Scooba will clean the scummiest of bathroom and kitchen floors. It preps, washes, scrubs and squeegees on wood, linoleum, and other surfaces. The Dirt Dog cleans up sawdust, small nails, nuts and bolts, and is the perfect gift for wives that want to hint around to their mates. The Verro is perfect for those who can't afford poolboys, while the Looj is a good way to erase something off the honey-do list. Don't forget the ConnectR that allows you to see and chat with family and friends. There are limited supplies of the ConnectR, but you can get on their mailing list for future availability.

DIY Kits

If you have someone in your life who prefers the DIY route, try one of these suggestions. Trossen has a wide variety of them that include their humanoid kits come in all price ranges. They also have kits for beginners that are not only fun, but will get your child on the early road to robotics.

Movie Robots

Let's not forget those Movie bots. Although we covet the can-do-it-all U Command Wall-E any fan of the film and iPods would settle for the i-Dance WALL-E for less than $20.00. Transformer fans will surely love the Deluxe Payload Armored Truck. Movies are always welcome for the holidays and a really fine way to keep your kids occupied when you are exhausted from all the festivities. We recommend Robots or I, Robot for teens. Finally, if you have never seen the movie Short Circuit (from 1986), this is a fun family fare for the holidays.

Plush Robots

For younger kids, try one of Hasbro's FurReal Friends. Their collection includes Squawkers McCaw Parrot to the more affordable Newborn Chimp, Kitten, Dalmation Puppy and Honey Bear, all of which are under $20.00. Buy more than one at a time and they are even less expensive.

Robot Gifts for Toddlers and Babies

Finally, let's not forget the little ones. If you know someone who recently added a newcomer to the family, how about a Robots : People of the Future or this Robots Love Dancing Onesie? There is even a plush Disney Meet the Robinsons 10" Carl the Robot Doll.

Still haven't found what you want? Keep checking in the weeks ahead with us and we will be relentless in our search to make this holiday affordable for all our botty friends. Let us know in our comment section if you find something that will make others gleeful this season.

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October 28, 2008

Atomic Robot Graces Xmas Trees


If you are thinking about the holidays already, we found you an all-tin Atomic Robot ornament. The original Japanese robot is no longer manufactured, but you can get a facsimile to grace your tree this year. At a size of 3.5 x 1.25 x 1.25", it comes with a gold string for hanging and its own gift box for $9.98.

Via Tin Toy Arcade

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WowWee Chatterbot Dog/Cat


Plug the Chatterbot Dog/Cat into your USB port and you have another annoying, yet personable robotic toy to keep you company while you are hard at work on your 'puter. Each one has an individual personality and will barrage you with jokes, chatty dialogue, and your life in general. Type in a word and a routine is triggered. Its on-screen interface software will make you despise love him even more since you can control the amount of discourse. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, the Chatterbot comes with a MSRP of $42.39.

Via Chatterbot Dog/Cat

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