July 27, 2012

Must Have: Robot Miniatures


Like collecting robot miniature figures and also the element of surprise? Then you will really appreciate not knowing which of these twelve 3" Disney Vinylmation Robots you will get until you open the box.


We also found a variation of the Nesting Bots we found sometime back. These 6 Bot Matryoshkas , made of toy-safe ABS plastic, range in height from 3 1/4"- 3/4".

Via Robot Miniatures

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July 18, 2012

New Furby Gets a Workout

Engadget got a hold of several of Hasbro's new Furbies and tested them out for the rest of us. This one is pretty much the same as the old one, albeit he is somewhat more advanced and has those freaky eyes. He responds to both human voice and music, and the more you play with him the more he morphs into new personality. An iPad app gives you more interaction and a way to feed him.

Although you cannot turn him off, stash him somewhere and he will go into sleep mode. No price announced but he will definitely be a holiday treat or trick, depending on whether you play with him or someone else does and drives you bonkers.

Via Engadget

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June 8, 2012

Must Have: VTech Switch & Go Dinos

VTech has come up with a new line of electronic transformers aptly named Switch & Go Dinos. Each can go from dinosaur to vehicle simply and features an LCD display with animation. Sliver the T-Rex utters 50 phrases and sounds and his eyes can be custom set. Also available are Horns the Triceratops, Tonn the Stegosaurus and T-Don the Pteranodon who perform the same actions and sounds. Two AAA batteries run the dinobots (included) and the toys are sure to be an early entry to the 2012 holiday season in spite of the lame commercial.

Via VTech Switch & Go Dinos

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June 1, 2012

Must Have: The Reinvented Furby


Our own Furby is taking up residence in the closet these days, but Tiger Electronics has decided to reinvent it with the Taboo for the upcoming holiday season. Then again, because it is so far just a rumor, maybe it is a post-April Fools Day prank. The creepy endearing facial parts may have been replaced by an LCD screen and we expect that this time around the fuzzy robopet can learn to speak a little quicker, since we never really got the hang of its original language, Furbish.

Via Daily Mail

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May 24, 2012

Go-Go Dog Pal For Lazy Owners

When a Frisbee or real gopher just won't do, get a Go-Go Dog Pal. This remote control toy lets your dog chase it around the yard until it gets exhausted or so frustrated that it chomps it into pieces. The maker insists that it will keep your pooch active and healthier as it frantically tries to keep up. The Solana Beach, CA based company will send you one for $299.99.

Viia Go-Go Dog Pal

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April 25, 2012

Play Lifesize Rock 'Em Sock 'Em

Wilton, Iowa's One More Round bar features lifesize 'Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots. Participants connect with a belt and when he/she moves, the bot moves with them. Owner Dave Wilson bought it from another bar owner and holds competitions. What a great way to make a few extra bucks for Dave while customers can let off some pent up hostility.

Via Muscatine Journal

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April 13, 2012

Must Have: Angry Birds Copter

Angry Bird fanatics can take the game one step further with the RC version. After a 30 minute charge, it can fly for 8 - 10 minutes on 3.7V/150mAH Lipo battery and six 1.5V AA batteries (not included.) At a size of 20.0 x 20.0 x 12.5 cm, a USB charging plug and 2 spare blades are included in the package. We expect that if this becomes a major seller, soon we will see angry pigs flying.

Via Angry Birds

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March 2, 2012

Must Have: Robot Building Kits


Make recyclable Autobots with the Play-Doh Workshop. Create them as either robots or vehicles to take over the planet. The kit comes with four 2 oz. cans of the compound with several molds, shapers and accessories.


Older builders that like a bit of glitz will enjoy Laser Ventures Robot Laser Pegs. Each one feeds the next piece with a low voltage current so that when an entire bot is fully erected it will light up. There are 6 designs included or create your own and remember to get 3 AA batteries (not included.)

Via Robot Kits

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February 29, 2012

Air Swimmers on Late Night

Last week Jimmy Fallon challenged Tyler Perry to an air swimmer race on his Late Night show. It was a little difficult to determine the winner but it seems that the shark edged out the clownfish by a nose.

Via Air Swimmers

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February 22, 2012

Man Excavates Basement By RC Vehicles


Adults who cannot get enough time playing with RC toys will surely sympathize with Joe from Saskatchewan, Canada who began cultivating his hobby in 1996. For the past 7 years he has taken it to the utmost level by gradually digging out his basement. Each year he excavates about 2 - 3 cubic yards of material, crushes and screens it, and then hauls it outside during the summer, all by miniature vehicles. While the majority of his time is spent farming, how nice to have something to do after the cows come home.

Via Carscoop

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