April 28, 2009

La Machine Celebrates in Yokohama


Yokohama is staging 5 months of merriment to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the port opening. The French art group La Machine is bringing their "living machines" to join in the festivities. Included will undoubtedly be their 12 meter tall Giraffe, Rhino, Spider (shown here in their earlier London appearance,) Gulliver and Sultan's Elephant. Our thanks to Artichoke and Matthew Andrews for the images.

giant spider.JPG

Via Yokohama 150

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April 27, 2009

165 Bots With Stuff


Imagine having a goal to draw 3 robots a week for an entire year. That's exactly what Shoebox artist Chris Grine is doing with his "165 Bots With Stuff." So far he is up to 36 (probably 37 by the time you read this.) We hope when he is finished he will put them all in a book or poster. Until then, visit him often!

Via 165 Bots

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April 23, 2009

Dual Quad Robot Desk


Fred Baier designs furniture that are both functional and futuristic. He made 3 roll top, drop leaf, transformer robot desks out of birch, then stained and lacquered them. One of his Dual Quads can actually be yours for £11100.00 (~$16,400.00) or Baier can custom design you something.

Via Fred Baier

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April 22, 2009

Twinbots Seek Human Help

Leave a robot in the NE corner of Washington Square Park and see if anyone will help it get to the SW corner. That was the idea behind the Tweenbots, a race of human dependent robots that engage help from wandering pedestrians. They were made out of cardboard, in case they got eaten by a wandering dog or stomped upon. Moving in a straight line at a constant speed, they carried a flag with their destination. Inventor/artist Kacie Kinzer kept a hidden camera to see if they got the help they sought.

Recorded over several months, the cute little bots were rescued when needed and none were ever lost or damaged. One man even told it, "You can't go that way, it's toward the road." We are impressed with the study and are wondering, had the Tweenbot been a homeless person or lost child, would the same results occur?

Via Tweenbots

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April 21, 2009

Device "They Move" Exhibition


Device will be featuring a new exhibition beginning April 25 and running through June 20. Entitled "They Move," artists Greg Brotherton, Benjamin Cowden, Nemo Gould, Tom Haney and Reuben Margolin will be featured. Even if we cannot make it, if you live in the San Diego area, try to make the first day reception at their new location in Barrio Logan, 1815 Main Street Building B.

Via Device Gallery

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April 16, 2009

Terminate Yourself or Others


Want to see how you or someone you love fear looks as the Terminator? Terminate Yourself is a way of promoting the new "Salvation" movie, but hey, you need to do what you can to find out what your robotic pets may do when they evolve.

Via Terminate Yourself

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April 6, 2009

Giant Torayan Spits Fire in the Name of Art


What is more terrifying than a 24 ft. robotic baby that spits fire? Probably the fact that Kenji Yanobe's Giant Torayan can also sing and dance. The bot was on display at the recent Roppongi Art Night in Tokyo, along with other artists' offerings. No word yet on the casualty count.

Via Pink Tentacle

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April 1, 2009

I've Got a Robot in My Pocket


ArtMuvz Illustration has designed an entire line of clothing that includes a tag-along robot. Most of them are made of cotton, come in assorted styles and sizes and run about $24.95. While the design is only an illustration, we find the pocket bot to be an clever companion, even if he cannot be a protector.

Via ArtMuvz Illustration

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March 17, 2009

Sukima - Ghostly Interaction

Keio University and Keio University of Art and Design got together and came up with the Sukima (interspace) Robot, designed to provide a "space with a virtual human body." The bot has human presence sensors, eyes which are information out put interfaces and mechanical hands underneath the desk and between bookshelves. All are connected to a PC via Bluetooth. When the sensors detect a human, Sukima responds as if "real."

The team claims that their poltergeist with personality can be used for artistic purposes or to keep people away from dangerous or limited access areas. We opt for the first idea. Somehow Sukima doesn't look all that scary.

Via Tech-On

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March 6, 2009

Artist Makes Giant Transformer

Artist Guillaume Reymond's latest creation is a video with vehicles amassing to create a giant robot transformer, as opposed to the other way around. He used several different types of vehicles and choreography, although it wouldn't do you a lot of good unless you were flying over it, so we appreciate the video. Reymond's earlier work was a "Human Tetris." Uh-huh.

Via Not So Noisy

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