October 8, 2008

All Right Sometimes Goes Left

David Cook designed All Right to go through mazes and, although it can turn left, tries to go right as much as possible. Powered by LiPoly batteries, the robot has an LED display, sensors and pushbuttons to accomplish its task. Cook has written a detailed article on his site Robot Room describing his making of the bot in detail.

Via Robot Room

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October 2, 2008

Murata Girl To be Released

About to be unveiled at CEATEC Japan 2008 the end of this month is the female version of Murata, known as Murataseiko-chan. She rides on a unicycle and was built as a "playmate" for Murata Boy created in 2005, who is on a regular bike. Both have sensors and gyroscopes to stay in balance. Why is it that most of the time male bots are built first and the females are secondary? (hehehe.)

Via Robot Living

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September 30, 2008

Posable Robot Webcam Keeps You Company

posable robotcam.jpg

The Posable Robot Webcam will connect you to your buds with 360º of movement. The CVSCT-8902 has a 350 kilopixel CMOS sensor and built-in microphone, and comes with 3' cable and 2 sports balls, just to make him look jockish. At a size of 140 x 95 x 40mm, he is compatible with both Windows and Mack OS and is plug-and-play with USB 2.0. Each is $15.00, less if you buy in quantity.

Via Chinavasion

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September 24, 2008

Capacitor Robot Charms - Mini Friends


ObviousFront has designed Capacitor Robot Charms out of recycled components from TVs, VCRs, and computers. Each one is unique and comes on an 18" nickel ball chain so that you can carry them and let everyone know that you are robotically correct. The CRCs are available for $12.00 apiece.

Via Maker Shed

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September 19, 2008

Spitting Debby Barfs for Halloween


It's time to start thinking Halloween. One of the coolest sites we know for animatronics is the Fright Catalog. Take Spitting Debby, for instance, who makes Linda Blair look like Pollyanna. She bobs her head, noisily chews her food, then commences to upchuck with a blast of air and water. Anyone within 8 and 12 feet is not safe. The 30" tall Debby needs AC power and a 100-125 psi air compressor to work and comes with digital control, a sound system, amp with speaker and water reservoir. Plan on a pre-order 4 - 8 weeks ahead. With a price of $1,295.00, she's not cheap, but we are wondering if we could fill her with some watered down pea soup.

Via Fright Catalogue

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September 17, 2008

Deep Green, Pool Hustler


The first robotic snooker machine was created in the late 80's. Times have changed and although others have been made, Deep Green has to be considered state of the art. Using a standard 4 x 8' coin-operated table, the Queen's University system is a 3º DOF industrial gantry robot mounted on the ceiling. A digital cam, GVS, and various directional lights are attached. The system strategizes by predicting and planning future table states. Considered at a better-than-amateur level, the team is hoping to bring it up to championship level.

Via Computer

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September 15, 2008

This is One Big Mother Truck


Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute has gotten together with its DARPA sponsor, Caterpillar, to create two mining trucks with autonomous control. The 797B can haul 380 tons of rock and weighs 1,375,000 lbs. It has a 117 liter, 3550 hp V-24 engine and can travel as fast as 42 mph. Due out in 2010, the trucks are being developed for BHP Billiton, a global resources company.

Via Aviation Week

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August 20, 2008

HPI G-Dog - Wassup Dawg?

Take a peek at HPI's G-Dog, using the same tech as their G-Robot humanoid. The four-pawed canine has 9º of freedom and runs with the aid of his PRU-11 Controller. At about 5.3" long, the G-Dog was recently released in Japan for about $1,000.00. Watch through the end of the video to see him being put through his paces.

Via Robot Dreams

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August 18, 2008

R2-D2 USB Fridge


And yet another R2-D2 has hit inner space. This time it is a micro cooler that will keep your brew chilled while you toil away in your cubicle. Plug the Fridge into your USB port and may the frigid be with you. Get yours for $35.00.

Via Play

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August 7, 2008

Robot Runs on Pencils


We admit that we don't use pencils much these days, as the keyboard is our writing instrument of choice, but this 4" walking and working bot is pretty kewl. Insert a pencil (it prefers hexagonal) and as the implement is sharpened, it gets powered up. Empty his head when full. The robotic device comes with its own wind-up key and will set you back $5.99 (pencils not included.)


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