June 23, 2009

Studio Mister Robot-o Webcam


Last week it was the Mr. Roboto Watch, this week we pay tribute to the Mister Robot-o Webcam. Okay, so it is not technically a robot, but the sucker automatically follows you around, so it is close enough for us. At a size of 2.2 x 3.5 x 2.5", it adjusts 204º horizontally and 140° vertically. Easily mountable, it works with Skype, Windows Live, AOL, Yahoo and other IMs.

Via Mister Robot-o Webcam

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June 19, 2009

Mr. Roboto Watch


Every time someone mentions Mr. Roboto, it's the Styx song that comes into our heads. But, hey, there's a new one in town, inspired by all those 1950 tin bots, in particular the Lantern robot. Azimuth's watch has a left eye for the hour, the right one is GMT, and the nose and mouth are retrograde minutes and seconds. Mr. Roboto Watch is made of steel with beveled edges and runs on a modified ETA 2836-2 movement. Water resistant, it is available for $4,800.00. "Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto..."

Via TimeZone

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June 5, 2009

Must Have: Drink up With Robotic Water Bottles


What better gift for the health food freak that always carries her/his own water bottle? Choose between Globally Cute's Stainless Steel, the Blue Aluminum or the Supermom Aluminum style.


Robotically inclined kids will dig Bilt Vite's Stainless Steel, 3d Rose's Kids Stuff or SIGG's Space Robot bottle.

Via Robot Water Bottles

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June 2, 2009

Transformer Netbook Hub


Is there no end to new Transformer gadgets? Apparently not, as we found this Qosmio Netbook-looking 4-port USB 2.0 hub. The hub has a phony image of the Windows XP desktop on the display and is available in Japan for ¥3,980 (~$42.00.) We expect it won't be too long before someone will actually come up with a real transforming laptop.

Via Amiami (translated)

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May 29, 2009

Must Have: Feed Your Facebank


If you truly are what you eat, then this Facebank makes a lot of cents. This a sterling character that will hold your nickels back until you need them, save your pennies from heaven and when you need your dough, it will rise to the occasion. This Must Have robotic bank has sensors that make it react when it is about to gorge and needs 2 AA batteries (not included) to swallow.

Via Facebank

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May 20, 2009

Limited Edition 1000th Qee


Dude, we didn't even know that Qees existed, much less that they are on their 1000th. This Limited Edition Qee has its robotic brains rolling around in its head so you can watch it ideate. At a size of only 2 ½", it comes with an attachment to hook it up to your cell phone, iPod, or backpack.

Via Qees

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May 19, 2009

Robotic Animals - Get Yours Before They Get You


Robotic animals are now being used by U.S. Fish and Wildlife officials to catch poachers. The robocreatures are molded fiberglass and covered in animal skin or fur that has been taken from illegal kills or are donated. You, too, can have a robotic turkey, raccoon or other animal of your own for a mere $500 - $5,000. Unfortunately, if you head to the site, you will find that they also recommend purchase for use as a decoy or target practice. Shame on them. We hope that some dark night they find that they become the prey.

Via Custom Robotic Wildlife

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May 15, 2009

Must Have: Virtual Families Review: The Next Best thing to AI

Technically these are not real robots, but they are about as close to AIs as you can get. Our buds from LDW (Last Day of Work) were kind enough to let us play their new game Virtual Families. You pick your main character and teach him/her to work, repair the house, cook, clean up, etc. Then you find a mate, start having kids and teach them the same. The game operates in real time so it is more casual than most games, but the SIM can go on for generations!

The play is similar to the company's other games, the original Virtual Villagers, VV 2 and VV 3 in that it takes time for the characters to learn certain skills. When they do well you, reward them with a green pat on the head and when they do something you disapprove of you are supposed to chastise them with a red one. There are also objects to discover and a shop where you purchase food, pets, room improvements and more.

We figure it will be the only game we will play for decades. At this point, we are still on the first generation, but we noticed that you have to make sure your buds are happy, well fed, and rested as they can catch diseases. Kids will like the special features of buying clothes and treats for their family as well as getting trophies for their efforts. We just dig having the SIMs around as company after a long day of work.

(Thanks, Caitlin)


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May 14, 2009

Robot Lamp With a Heart


It's a robot. It's a lamp. It's a robot lamp with heart. This looks like any other robot lamp until you turn him on and then he shows the love. A perfect gift for any fan of the softer side of robotics. At a size of 18 x 9 x 4", it comes with a 40W bulb and can be yours for $29.00.

Via The Afternoon

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May 5, 2009

Jewelry for Moms Who Dig Bots


Mom's Day will be here very soon. Run, don't walk and send for one of these clever robot jewelry items. Choose between a Pewter, nickel-free 2 ½" Hip Hop Pendant Necklace, a Pugster Robot Italian Stainless Steel Charm Bracelet Link at a size of 9 X 9m X 3.2mm or these Sterling Silver 1 5/16" Dangling Robot Earrings.

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