January 2, 2009

Must Have Robot: Tin Can Robot Kit


Take an empty soda can, a screwdriver, a AA battery and Griffin Technology's Tin Can Robot Kit and you get our Must Have robot this week. Add the motors and gears and he will buzz around and click at you in a most annoying manner. Preorder for a January 14 delivery date for only $14.95. By the way, this one is recommended for kids over 3.

Via X-Treme Geek

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December 31, 2008

Happy New Year With the Destructobots


They say the last thing you do on New Year's Eve will be the same thing that you do the rest of the next year. The same theory also applies to robots. Destructobots know how to party hearty and instead of dipping in the oil can, they tend to indulge in Grey Goose (hic!) Have a safe one tonight!

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December 25, 2008



A couple of buds of ours dropped by to wish you a happy holiday! Have a great one and thanks for reading us!

sheila and the destructobots

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December 16, 2008

Competition for Useless Robots

Every year Japan puts on the Bacarobo, a contest for stupid mentally challenged robots. This is not to say they are inferior to others, only that they must be useless to society to win the competition. No robots that can detonate bombs, shoot down the enemy or feed your grandmother will be found here. The winner turned out to be YKRN, a robot that scanned faces and leaned towards the ones it liked. If you happen to meet one of the contestants, don't tell it that they is useless or it may gang up your pets and small babies.

Via C Scout

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December 15, 2008

Hexabots Dance-off

Take a couple of minutes and check out the Dance-off between these hexapods. Trossen is selling both the Phoenix Hexapod for $949.99 and the MSR-H01 MicroMagic Systems Hexapod for the same price. Get 2 and you can have your own contest, although for that kind of money, we hope you can get it to clean your room or wash your car.

Via Robot Dance Off

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December 10, 2008

Go Towards the Light, Wally Bot!

Antonio Rodriguez decided to make his own autonomous robot when his kids bugged him about buying one. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, he got himself a Tin Can Robot Science kit, added a DC motor, and Arduino board and some miscellaneous electronic components and the resulting Wally bot moves towards a flashlight. The Bostonian has kindly put up detailed instructions and claims that not only was it fun to build, it was a great way to further bond with his kids.

Via the ONDA

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December 8, 2008

Co-Robot Wobbles, Falls Down, But Gets Back Up

The Co-Robot kit can be assembled to create a robotic dude that is no ASIMO, but he can walk, dance and somersault. Running on a single motor and gear-driven system, he can also pick himself up when his bumbling results in a fall. Apparently Japan loved them as they sold over 50,000 of them. Now you can get your own stumbling bot from MakerSHED for $29.95.

Via MakerSHED

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December 5, 2008

Must Have Robot: Motorized Robot Kit


We have loved Erector sets since way back. So we felt it was time to feature one as our Must Have of the week. This Interactive Motorized Robot Speedplay Set from Meccano builds 6 different motorized robots that can be programmed. Simple to assemble, the kit includes over 500 metal and plastic pieces. It comes with a power tool that also doubles as another motor. Start building for $99.99.

Via Motorized Robot Set

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December 2, 2008

Meka Centipede Kit - Creeping Fun


Everyone needs their own robotic Centipede to creep out their family, friends and small pets. Maker Shed is selling a Gakken Mechamo Meka-Centipede kit that requires no soldering and takes about 2 hours to assemble. The 32 legs work by a set of link mechanisms that rotate 32ยบ in different phases so that they "wave." While the instructions that come with the kit are in Japanese, English instructions are available in a PDF. Start your own insectoid army for $89.99.

Via Maker Shed

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Hockey MANOI - A Work in Progress

Erin, aka "RobotGrrl," has created a Hockey MANOI. The Stanford EPGY Summer Institute student obviously has a ways to go, but she has managed to get him to move forward 6 times, shoot 3 times, go backwards 6 times and shoot again 3 times. Future plans include a wave shield and some tunes to play while he moves along. The sporty bot may not be perfected, but Erin has certainly made a valiant effort.

Via RobotGrrl

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