March 30, 2010

Robovie mR2 Speaks Through iPod Touch

Robovie mR2, developed at ATR Robotics and Communication Laboratories in Japan, communicates via its stomach. That in itself is odd enough, but the bot does this with an iPod touch when a user touches its screen. The 30 cm tall robot can also work via WiFi or Bluetooth and considering all the applications for the touch, there are as many possibilities for fun and games.


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March 29, 2010

Ibn Sina Is First Android to Fly Emirates Airlines


We recently heard from Dr. Nikolaos Mavridis who caught us up on news of Ibn Sina (aka Avicenna) and FaceBots, the Interactive Robots and Media Lab's projects. They have certainly been busy. Ibn Sina went on display at the GITEX in the Middle East amd IEHE in Saudi Arabia. It turns out that the Arabic-speaking bot also became the first android to fly first class on Emirates Airlines. IRML's FaceBots were demoed at the Techriti in India. Check out their site to read about their other recent activities.

(Thanks, Dr. Mavridis)


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March 24, 2010

CIROMI Greets Theater Goers



Imagine walking into a theater to see a robot film and you are greeted by one. ED Corporation teamed with a newly renovated theater to turn So. Korea's ARO into CIROMI (Cinema, Robot, and Dreams.) So far he amuses customers with ads on an LCD screen after detecting them by laser range finder. He will also play games, take photos and send email. The future for the moviebot includes speech recognition for conversation and the ability to take tickets. ED's robots are also being placed in train stations and restaurants for patrons' amusement.

Via buzz (translated)

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March 22, 2010

Cody Learns to Handle Hardware

Georgia Tech's Healthcare Robotics Lab is developing a humanoid that can open doors, cabinets and drawers. Controllable by joystick or physical interaction, Cody has vision via stereo cameras, a laser range finder and Meka Robotics' 7 DOF arms. His body sits on a Segway RMP 50 Omni mobile base with Mecanum wheels. While he only has hooks for hands so far, Meka Robotics is working on one with 3 fingers and a thumb.

Via Plastic Pals

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March 18, 2010

Kompai Assists the Elderly

Robosoft's Kompai is a service bot that understands instructions and responds to its owner. The robot is intended for the elderly and disabled and can navigate autonomously. He takes notes, keeps a shopping list, plays music, video conferences and is a verbal calendar for his keeper. He made his formal debut at the ILTCI Conference in New Orleans last week.

Via Robosoft

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March 1, 2010

QTC Skin Allows Robots to Feel


Peratech is developing an artificial electronic skin for MIT's Media Lab. "Quantum Tunneling Composite" (QTC) is a low-cost, touch sensitive material that allows robots to know where and how much they have been touched. This is done via sensors on various body parts. This one practically makes its own punchline, considering the recent glut of bots like Roxxxy.

Via Technology Review

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February 23, 2010

Quasi Visits the NY Toy Fair

Interbot brought Quasi (aka Q,) to the 2010 Toy fair in NY. Originally developed at Carnegie Mellon in 2006, the $80,000 bot is controlled by a wireless tablet PC with touchscreen. He can talk and make facial expression originating from the user, and can even change eye color and wiggle his ears. The company has plans to make a smaller version for real folks with real budgets.

Via engadget

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February 19, 2010

Second Gen ApriAttenda More Flexible

Toshiba recently released a second version of their ApriAttenda. The newest bot has two arms with 3-fingered hands that can hold simple objects and a head cam for navigation and recognition. While the original was designed to follow its user around, this one is designed to take a more active role. The company is also testing the iArm, a super-waldo designed to assist in grabbing, eating and other "handy" duties.

Via Plastic Pals

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February 16, 2010

EveR-3 Finds Success on Stage


The 5 ft., 2 inch EveR-3 (Eve Robot 3) took part in several dramas in South Korea including "Robot Princess and the Seven Dwarfs." The acting bot can speak both Korean and English and has 16 different facial expressions.The government funded Korea Institute of Industrial Technology says that she will once again grace the stage this year, without the worry of forgetting a line or needing an understudy bot.

Via Space Daily

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February 11, 2010

Palro Runs on Atom Processor

Palro (pal + robot) is 15" tall, has 20ยบ of freedom, an integrated camera and is Fuji Soft's latest entry into robotics. The autonomous bot can carry on conversations and is expected to hit the streets mid-March. Add to that an Atom processor and software with plenty of options and a hefty price tag of about $3,300.

Via FSI (translated)

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